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Susan L. Schulman is a

terrific publicist. She is

the hardest working,

most creative, most

detailed person you

could ever dream of

having on your team. She

is a true professional with

great integrity and an

immense understanding

of every aspect of show business. Without a doubt,

Susan is the best!"

 -- Susan Claassen, co-creator and star of



“It was an absolute joy and pleasure working with

Susan during my three year run on Broadway in

‘Crazy For You.’ There

wasn't an interview,

photo-op, or event that

Susan couldn't get me

into. The exposure was

invaluable to me.  She

knows everyone in this

business and is very

well respected. I felt

cared for and protected with Susan and for that I will

be forever grateful.”

Three-time Tony nominee Harry Groener,


“No one knows the New York theatre and press

better than Susan. She is fiercely loyal to her clients

in the outside world and fiercely honest with them

in the privacy of the

office. Both of these are

essential qualities in the

person who will become

your closest adviser and

who will be your public


-- Tony Award nominee Kathleen Chalfant (photo

above, right)

“The attention she generated for me and for

‘Scapino!’ led to a second career in America for

which I am eternally grateful. ”

-- Tony Award winner Jim Dale /www.jim-dale.com

“Susan and I toured the US, introducing me to

American audiences in 'The Forsyte Saga'. The

visibility generated by that publicity tour enhanced

my career. I continue to seek Susan's advice which is

always excellent. A more dedicated, hard-working

and loyal press agent would be hard to find.”

-- Three-time Emmy winner Susan Hampshire

“Susan opened all of the doors in New York and way beyond in helping me to launch my book. She s passionate, thoughtful, incredibly knowledgeable, and a tireless, smart partner in helping to bring attention to me and my work. In short, Susan is fantastic at making things happen!” -- Steve Cuden, Co-Creator of “Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical,” and author of “Beating Broadway: How to Create Stories for Musicals That Get Standing Ovations” / www.beatingbroadway.com

“When I debuted on Broadway as ‘Miss Mona,’ in “The

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,”

after a long absence from the

stage, Susan was indispensable,

helping me navigate through the

myriad of interviews and

publicity demands that grew as

the success of the show

snowballed. She handled all different types of

situations with grace and expertise. I couldn't have

managed without her.”

-- Tony Award winner Carlin Glynn, Co-Artistic

Director of The Actors Studio

“Susan Schulman gets it done. Whether she is

promoting the show you're in, you or the product you

have created, she

gives 100% to

making the project

important. With

class and

persistence she

drives forward.

What a gal! What a company!”

-- Broadway, TV and concert star John Davidson

“Working in concert and in nightclubs, you often have to do a lot yourself - press, marketing, arranging comps, dealing with management, etc.  We have collaborated with Susan on many major concert events, including several engagements at the Oak Room at the lgonquin.  With Susan we learned how easy it could be to have the best of everything: a caring person and a total pro who handles all those things, is both pleasant and direct, and who frees us to give the best possible performance.  As a result, we have had terrific runs and reached exciting new goals in our careers.  We can't wait to work with Susan again.  She is part of la famiglia.  What more could a performer want?” --Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano, award-winning cabaret/concert performers   www.ericcomstock.net / www.humanchild.com  "In an industry crowded with Susan Schulman's, Susan L. holds a special place as a hands-on, business-savvy, theatre-loving, total pro.” -- Bert Fink, Senior VP, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization / www.rnh.com

“I value enormously Susan Schulman's advice

and counsel.  She is indefatigable, inventive,

inspiring, highly organized and motivated, but

more than that I had not realized until opening

on Broadway how valuable it is to have

someone completely 'on team;' ready with a

warm word, winning smile, thoughtful


even the


matzo ball

soup. Her

chicken liver

pate is also a

thing of legend

- mainly she

feeds the

creative heart of a man, but also, on occasion,

his stomach! I love her to bits.”

Actor/best-selling author Ian Kelly

“The Pitman Painters”  / www.iankelly.net

“Susan Schulman is a savvy and loyal publicist

who knows talent and sees the "larger picture"

to tailor a great plan for the needs of her


-- Tony Award winner Karen Ziemba


“I love Susan Schulman - she helped turned my

cabaret show into a sold-out event. I'm

eternally GRAATEFUL.”

-- Broadway and cabaret star Jason Graae


“The Broadway musical ‘State Fair’ crossed the

country with an eye-popping advance thanks to

the PR wizardry of Susan L. Schulman.”

-- Bonnie Nelson Schwartz, Co-Producer,

State Fair

“Imagine being thrown into the TONY's deep

pool for the first time, knowing how to swim

but absolutely not knowing how to get from

point A to point Z with no map, guide, goggles

or a life jacket!  Then enters Susan

Schulman...with an extra life jacket, snacks, an

infectious smile and a map...you get the


As a first comer into that TONY adventure, I



Susan provided

so I could

continue do my

job on stage and

learn how to be

the best Tony

nominee off


TONY AWARD nominee Karine Plantadit

(“Come Fly Away”)

“Susan helped The League of American

Theatres and Producers successfully launch the

National Broadway Theatre Awards (renamed

the Touring Broadway Awards) in 2000. She's a

well-respected press agent and a total pro.

-- Jed Bernstein, President, Lincoln Center for

the Performing Arts, former President of The

Broadway League.


SUSAN L. SCHULMAN  / Publicity
 (212) 580-7404